Booking Policy

Trevalgan Farm Holidays Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for booking a holiday with the property owners. It’s important to carefully read and understand them before making a reservation:

  1. Payment and Cancellation:
    • Your holiday balance is due 28 days before the start of your holiday.
    • Failure to pay the balance on time may result in the cancellation of your booking.
    • You are responsible for the full cost of the holiday, even in case of unforeseen circumstances. Consider purchasing cancellation insurance that covers Covid-19 when booking.
    • If you cancel and your reason isn’t covered by insurance, you will be liable for all previous and remaining payments.
    • The property owners will attempt to re-let the property and may retain the deposit to cover costs if successful. Changing the booking date incurs a £50 admin fee.
  1. Behavior and Property Rules:
    • The property owners reserve the right to terminate your stay if you or any member of your party is causing a nuisance to other guests or not treating the property with due respect.
    • Candles and other open flames, including smoking, are prohibited in the property.
    • Report any damage to the property or its contents immediately and be prepared to cover the costs.
  1. Liability:
    • The property owners are not liable for any loss or damage to you or your property, regardless of the cause.
    • The owners can refuse or cancel bookings and refund any paid sums without further liability.
  1. Occupancy:
    • Do not exceed the property’s maximum occupancy, and only those listed on the booking form may occupy the cottage.
  1. Property Access:
    • The property owners reserve the right to enter the property at any time during your stay.
  1. Pets:
    • Small to medium-sized dogs are allowed in specific cottages under the condition that owners accept liability for any damage and ensure control.
    • Pets must be exercised away from the gardens, not allowed on beds or furnishings, and should never be left unattended in the property.
  1. Storage:
    • Store large items like roof boxes, bikes, scooters, surfboards, etc., in the designated storage room for safety.
  1. Electric Vehicles:
    • Charging electric vehicles on the property is strictly forbidden due to fire hazards.
    • Refer to the Zapmap app for local EV charging points.
  1. E-Bikes and E-Scooters:
    • Store e-bikes and e-scooters in the storage room and charge them outside using a safe extension cable.
  1. Safety Measures:
    • Do not interfere with fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, or plug-in emergency lighting unless it’s an emergency.
    • Do not leave electrical items charging overnight or unattended.
  1. Compliance:
    • The property owners can cancel or terminate any booking if the mentioned conditions are not observed.